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I'm sorry for your loss David. Our prayers go out to you and your friends family.

We lost our neighbors son a couple of years ago due to speeding at a age of 16.
I send this story to my son's computer who just turned 16 in December, and I'm telling him all the time that speeding doesn't get you anywhere except in trouble with the law or killed. But Jung adults think their just untouchable and a lot of them have to learn it the hard way, including my son.
He got a speeding ticked last Monday for driving 79 in a 55 miles per hour zone, so I took his license and car keys away from him for 4 weeks and told him that he can think about speeding when he rides the school bus for the next 4 weeks.
This is the first time my son ever got in trouble with me or the law, he doesn't do drugs and is a honor student from the first day in school with a grade point average of 99.7.
Drugs are a big factor in every bodies live, but I also think that the fines are way to mild in the States.
If you get a speeding ticked in Europe and drive 24 miles over the limit, you will be walking for two years and I mean walking because you will not get a special license to drive back and forth to work like I see so many times in the States.

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