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Originally Posted by ForcedInduction View Post

In the chart above it’s important to note the different test durations for each filter. The AC Delco filter test ran for 60 minutes before exceeding the restriction limit while the AMSOIL and K&N tests each ran for 20 and 24 minutes respectively before reaching max restriction. In 60 minutes the AC Filter accumulated 574gms of dirt and passed only 0.4gms. After only 24 minutes the K&N had accumulated 221gms of dirt but passed 7.0gms. Compared to the AC, the K&N “plugged up” nearly 3 times faster, passed 18 times more dirt and captured 37% less dirt. See the data tables for a complete summary of these comparisons.

Then why do you bother using an air filter at all?
Interesting comment on not using an air filter. I usually sit on the sidelines and read. BTW, I am a marine diesel mechanic employed at the largest shipyard on Cape Cod Mass. I also worked for Milton Caterpillar for 12 years prior to taking a job closer to home.The MTU V-12 that is in my Wesmac is a
$100,000 marine diesel that guess what? Comes with a K&N filter mated with a Walker Airsep crankcase management system.
Filters require at least 25 hours of run time for them to become efficient, they require particulate matter to impregnate the filter to attain efficiency.
Cat, Cummins, Detroit(both 2cycle and 4 cycle models), Yanmar, MAN, John Deere etc all come with K&N filter as OEM equipment on both on their marine, industrial, long haul trucks, power generation and any other applications.
Just my 2 cents.
There is a whole world out there beyond your beloved 617.952 engine.
Also, I am resisting making a really sarcastic remark about your "helpful" comments.
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