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Question 300e Front suspension 210K( Inspection)?

I thought that my shocks were bad on the 89 300e but when I jacked it up I found that the front sway bar bracket was broken on th passengers side. Went to dealer and got replacement an put it on. Damm ,The car sits up two inches higher!
I also did a quick inspection and found out the both tie rods were shot. The rubber was gone on two of them. I ordered replacements assy for both tie rods and new bushings for the tie tods. I figure for 6 bucks I can't go wrong!

What else should I be looking for as far as wear items or potential problem areas with the suspension & Steering linkage. That center assy between the tie rods will twist a little bit in my hands, I don't know if it's built in play or not .
any suggestions will be helpful.

P.S. Also any cautions or tricks about replacing the tie rods?

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