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John H
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I am apparently not describing things correctly.

I switched the termininals on the back if the terminal block such that the switch is working in reverse. Before I switched the wires, the recline portion of the switch did not work. After I switched the wires I could push the switch in the recline position and the seat back moved forward (due to the swaped wires). The point of this is that I can make the seat go forward by connecting the forward terminal to either side of the switch! This would indicate that the switch is not the culprit. Conversly I connected the recline wire to the side of the switch which had previously worked and had no seat movement. Essentially I have isolated the switch and it is performing correctly. And E. Lee, the first thing I did was to take the switch apart and I cleaned/checked the contacts - a little di-electric grease on the eight detent balls works great to hold them in place.
I have a feeling it is a computer problem since the wire in question has no power while the other seat function wires do.
Where can I find the computer so that I can eliminate a possible wire failure (unlikely)from the switch to the computer?

Sorry to be such a block head but I am tired of replaceing parts that already work ( I have a whole shelf on the wall to store parts I replaced that didn't solve the problem). As always, thanks for your input.

John H.