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Originally Posted by MTUpower View Post
No new MTU V12 costs 100K- try a bit higher- much higher. Not much dust on the ocean... and not all MAN/MTU/CAT'S come with oiled gauze filters.

And more than a few of us live in that world outside the 617-95X.
I appreciate your feedback. Fortunately in my case, the shipyard I work at (we also perform Hatteras Warranty, I recently replaced a Cat C-32 Acert that Gregory Poole had installed a number of whose engines have been delivered with bad crankshafts) is an authorized MTU dealer and I was able to purchase the reman-engine at dealer cost.
Perhaps you could enlighten me with your "internet aquired mechanical expertise" and educate me since I only have 20 years of experience in the field.
I am currently rebuilding a Man R-6 that lost the second cylinder due to a failed injector, care to chime on your last major overhaul?
I can't wait to forward this email to my boss, you guys are too funny.
BTW, I was trained at the marine factory school for 4 weeks in Germany at MTU Fredrichshafen in 2003.
I await a list of your professional credentials and accomplishments.
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