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Continue my last message:

My wiring diagram does not show the internal connections of the door switch for the seat. But it does show the telescopic steering column which is also controlled by the same electronic module governing the movement of the driver seat.

Here is how the telescopic steering column works: two wires coming from the electronic module to the column switch. When one of the two wires is grounded by the switch, the electronic module sends electricity to the motor to move the steering colum (up or down) until the wire is not grounded. When the other wire is grounded, the electronic module also sends electricity to the motor but reverses the polarity this time.

I think the door panel switch (driver side) uses the same logic to move the seat. Once you identify the ground pole on the switch, a contiuity check will verify the switch. Therefore, the way John used to test the switch is valid as long as the ground wire remains connected to the switch.

It is a totally different story for the passenger seat. My wiring diagram does not show the internal connections of the passenger side switch. In theroy, the switch is more complex because it has to be able to reverse the polarity mechanically.

The above information is for discussion only. It is not an advice for trouble shooting. If there are errors please correct me.