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Well, I wasn't too serious about you Yanks rushing up here to buy new cars...

Our previous post is correct regarding NEW cars. In fact, MB dealers are even forbidden from selling to customers from other provinces, to prevent poaching.

A good friend of mine had SO much trouble buying his E55. His local dealer (Regina) were complete putzes who basically refused to sell him a new $100,000 car. He found the car in Toronto, but they can only sell a small percentage of their cars to out-of-province customers. He had to talk to MB Canada, and convince them that his dealer did such a piss-poor job that they forced him to go out of province.

Okay, so we're not going to sell you guys tons of NEW cars, but used cars is another matter. Dealers have no such restrictions, and once you pay them, the hassle of importing the car to the US is your responsibility. It's going to be up to you and your government.

While our used car prices might be favourable thanks to the exchange rate, keep a few things in mind:

1. Less choice in cars. Canada is NOT a hot-bed for MB sales. At $39K for a C240 with cloth interior and steel wheels, a new MB is beyond the reach of most Canadian families. We have about 11% of the US population, and have about 6% of the US MB sales. So, our MB-per-capita is much lower.

2. Importation costs might eat up any advantage. Consider carefully any changes that might have to be made, plus the cost of getting you to Canada and the car home.

3. MB cars are pretty rust-safe with post 85 models, but we sand and gravel our roads in the winter, and paint takes a real beating. Windscreens are often cracked (mine is) and paint chips are a way of life.

4. You might not be able to buy a CPO car. (Certified Pre Owned) If a warrantied car is a must, shoopping at home might be the best idea. Nothing like "imported" to give someone an excuse to deny warranty coverage.

And last, if you Yanks come up here and start to buy our used MB's and drive up prices, we'll have to hunt you down, fatten you up with Tim Horton's doughnuts, and force you to live in Newfoundland. eh?
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