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Originally Posted by bhatt View Post
Any ideas?
bhatt, do not give it up!

I also had one of these and know the feeling...

Be sure that it actually is at the rear.
I thought mine was, but it was the front.

Also try to strain the suspension on only one side, or both
sides at same time, and see if there is a difference. The sway
bar system will only be put under strain in the non-symetrical

Try to bounce the rear (or front) of the car, to reproduce the clunk.
For the rear, you can stand on top of the trunk loading entrance and
hold on to the inside of the trunk lib and sway up and down to get
the car to really bounce a lot. If you hear the clunk, have a friend to
do the bouncing, and with the protective cover of the lower suspension
arm, feel the parts of the suspension to find out where the loose mount
is. (you may have to put the rear wheels on a ramp or something to get
under to feel). With the sensitivity of one of our most precious instruments,
your fingers, you should be able to feel any play, even when it is not
large enough to make a sound.

Mine was the lower mount of the front shock. The bolt was really tight,
but there was enough play for the metal insert in the shock bushing
to rattle against the bolt.

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