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No fiber optics. There are two bulbs that light the four dials. I just did this on my '97, and its a super easy fix. I imagine yours would be close.

1. Remove the glove compartment lock. You will need to turn the key 45 deg and insert a small pin into the hole at the edge of the lock cylinder to release it. WARNING: Keep the key in the lock when you do this or all of the tumblers will shoot out when you pull the lock cylinder.

2. After the lock cylinder is out, look straight down the hole and you will see a philips screw in the very bottom. Unscrew it. It may or may not come completely out. Don't worry about it.

3. Pull the whole lock/pushbutton assembly out and let it hang off to the side.

4. Look in the back of the "spectacle compartment". There are two screws there. Take them out. If your car is wired for the cell phone, this will be a false bottom. Pull it out, disconnect the wires, and pull out two more screws. Now the entire spectacle compartment should be loose. Grab hold and gently pull it out.

5. Now, look on top of the center vents. You will see two small phillips screws. Pull them out.

6. Look inside the vent at each bottom corner. You will see two small latches. Push them downward with a screwdriver and the whole vent assembly should now pop right out. Be careful of the wiring harness on the left side. You can disconnect that once you get the vent clear.

7. Now once the vents are out, look at the top of the flapper controls. You will see two small grey caps. These are the bulbs. Simply unscrew them 1/4 turn with a small pair of pliers or a socket.

8. Reverse the procedure and you're done! It took me about 30 minutes tops.
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