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Question My car SOUNDS OLD!!!!!!

Okay, I've got an 85' 190E 2.3 8V. a rebuilt engine was just put in with 78k miles on it - and all I can say is my car SOUNDS old. Ya know, almost like you can hear each piston firing. Well, I'd REALLY like some tips on either insulating the sound, or maybe finding ways to improve it. Maybe a new exhaust system is in order? There is already an on and off rattling that happens in drive when I'm not moving, but I'm getting that checked out by my mechanic. Any tips would be greatly appreiated.

Also, we're still in the process of 'timing' this engine. On a cold day, starting it has a hard time staying alive, but once it's warmed up, it idles in park at a BIT under 2000 rpms which I know is way to high. This can all be adjusted correct?
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