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Need new hoses with r-134a?

Many board members state that they sucessfully converted to r-134a without doing more than changing the fittings and filling with the new gas. My questions is whether they lost refregerant over time - 1 year, for example. I plan to get my a/c working this spring and thought that the hoses on my '84 300D were new enough to work with 134a, but they guy that is selling me the compressor suggested that I replace my hoses or else the 134a will leak right through the hoses. What has been the experience of others? The last car I converted (an '85 Saab 900) worked great, but when the next summer came around I was way low on refrigerant; although there were no apparent leaks. Consequently, I am thinking hoses of this vintage are not the barrier type necessary for r-134a.

'84 300D
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