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Yeh,man,if that shop Steve suggests has someone experienced in old Bosch mechanical injections,that's the way to go.There are adjustments on the pump,but you better know what you are doing.If,for example,you try to adjust the idle mixture with the engine running you'll lacerate your fingers and destroy the pump.There is a screw to adjust the main rack,but again if you aren't experienced,you can soon find yourself in quicksand.Also there are 2 white screws to adjust upper partial load and 2 black screws to adjust lower partial load,but you don't even want to go there.Find someone who understands these adjustments and he or she should be able to get the bugs out of your SL.Then you can put it on the road with the top down,listen to that beautiful exhaust note,and thank a professional mechanic for a job well done.
Good luck.
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