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1995 S320 Reliability

I just purchased a 1995 S320 with 69k. Original one owner
car. After reading past post on the S series I am freaked.
It seems the evaporator core issue keeps coming up. Is
this something that fails often? How can I tell if my core
was ever repaired? Should I buy a after-market warranty
for the car knowing that the core will 100% fail? Climate
control switch/s seem to be another issue.

Wheel shimmy among other items.

What are some of the actual cost of repairs for an alternator,
power steering pump, water pump- etc...?

I had owned a 1980 Porched 928. Found certain companies
that sold after-market parts that seemed to work fine. Found
a mechanic to work on after hours for a decent price. Can the
same thing not be done on the S320?

If the evap. core job is $3000 then would it not be in my
best interest to get at $2000.00 warrant?

I am a little freaked out now that I am hearing about all
these problems. I do not mind payment $300-$400 to have
an alternator replaced. However, $1000.00 scares the
H*L* out of me.

Any thoughts or input please.

Tully Lee
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