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126 no fuel on # 1 ? help!

on my '85 380 SE
I have just installed a rebuilt head,along with new cam,lifters,valve seals,injector seals,head gasket, & intake manifold gasket.
( I only did the one side because the other side was done along with chain and rails 10k ago before I bought the car)
I drove it for the first time today,
It runs pretty good at higher speed (over 40)
but is rocking at idle.(it wasn't before)
I pulled the plugs and number 1 is white,as if its running lean.
all others look fine.
I changed that plug,drove it,
pulled the plug,looked the same.
I think that number one is not getting fuel?
I had the 4 injector lines off,and have tried "bleeding them"
could it be something with this?
also,getting a little valve /lifter noise on the redone side,
I am assuming it will need the valve lash checked/adjusted?
any help appreciated!
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