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Bruce Sharfstei
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broken subframe on '79 450 sl - the saga continues

Well. I finally took the car into the dealer yesterday to have the subframe replaced under safety recall. The service writer called me later in the day to tell me that I needed $272 in bushings and motor mounts- OK, I was prepared for that, but he called again later on to say that when the frame broke, the lower control arm and tie rod bent, and the shock broke. These additional parts total about $800. I was under the impression that these parts were covered under the recall if they were damaged as a result of the subframe problem and I mentioned this to him. His reply was that this was only true if the car had been brought in for the recall, before the subframe broke ????? Am I missing something here? If the subframe hadn't broken, why would these other parts have been damaged at all? Anyway, if this is legit, I'll gladly ante up for the parts, but once again I feel like I'm being had. ANY ADVICE OUT THERE PLEASE?
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