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The door pockets are locked via vacuum actuators along with the doors themselves. If the doors lock, but the pocket covers don't, ( or the other way around ) you possibly have a bad actuator or the vacuum line is plugged or busted. You'll need to dis-assemble the door from the inside to fix this. There are instructions on how to do that in the forum...use the search.

The windscreen is an after market accessory. It can be found at places like the forum sponsor and other online MB aftermaket supplies. It is mounted so as to "store" in position. It's spring loaded, so you just reach back and put it up or down manually.

You can get the center cover "re-covered" at a leather upholster / top shop. But it won't be cheap.

Unfortunately those little plastic pieces are expensive at the dealer, but there are a couple of guys parting out cars on this forum. Make a specific list and post a request.
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