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It's in for the tranny now. I've asked the tech (30 years experience with MB) to check the assorted items in the back. Based on my description of a light clanking, he's betting on the sway bar links, which have been replaced in the past but perhaps are due again. The differential mounts are still in mediocre condition, but I would like to put those off untill summer so that I can crawl under there on a Sunday afternoon and mess with it myself.

On the transmission, I asked about synthetic ATF and the tech didn't think it was worth it. Would it be a good idea to service the trans after 3,000 miles or so and THEN convert it to synthetic? If not, I think synthetic might be worth it now, since i am already buying the tranny and 80% of the car's operating time is in city conditions.

Any reason to mess with the rear main seal?

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