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300E Fresh Valve Job...good time to switch to Synthetic?

Will be picking up my 89 300e from my mechanic in a few hours. I finally went ahead and had new valve guides and seals installed. It'll be nice to have a dry engine again. You may want to sell your Valvoline stock now as I expect my oil purchasing will decrease substantially.

Here's my questions:

1. Should I go ahead and change my oil within ??? miles after the valve job, to prevent particulate matter from chewing things up?

2. To control oil consumption I've been running 20w50 dino oil all year round (probably OK anyway....Atlanta winter weather is still pretty mild). Now that my engine is sealed tightly (I hope) is this a good time to switch to synthetic? Should I consider a lower viscosity oil for the cooler months?

3. Should I expect any difference in performance after the valve job? If so, why? I wouldn't think it would make any difference.

Thanks for your sage advice,
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