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Mark, Stephen, Kent -
Thanks for the vote of confidence!
This is a whole new undertaking for us but, we are extremely excited about the opportunity. Where else can you buy your Mercedes parts AND get on-line technical support? We're banking that will be our differentiator vs other parts sources.

All we ask is that you buy our parts for your Do-It-Yourself projects where YOU will install the parts. Please don't take our parts to your local shop or mechanic and have them install the parts. That's not fair to them and it's not the intent of our parts shop. We want to complement independent shops NOT compete with them. We're only looking to sell parts to those individuals who would probably do their own work anyway so we're not taking business from the independent shop owners.

As far as delivery goes, we will be set up to ship same day if the order is received by 3pm ET. Normally we will ship UPS but premium shipment will be available.

Bill Wood - Webmaster, LLC