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2001 E320 glove box rattle

It should't happen on a car so new. I'm 50 miles round trip away from the main dealer so hoping someone can advise and I can fix it myself.

Problem: A rattle from the glove box when riding over slightly uneven roads. Problem goes away if glove box lid left open(!)

Observation: Lid stays are rattling only when lid is closed and not under the weight of the lid.

Conclusion: Lid stays need to be tightened within their guides.

Question: How? What is procedure for removing the glove box as a complete assembly?

I have tried removing all screws (including the hidden ones) but the glove box seem stubbornly fixed under the top of the dash, below the airbag position. Any help from a techy out there would be most graciously accepted. Thanks. PeteS
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