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Lightbulb e500 and e420

The E500's front fenders are wider and the rear 1/4 panels are wider but the 4 doors are all exactly the same.. also the front bumper is different.. the e500's front lights are also different too..the regular e420's lights have a fog light on the head lights..but the e500's is on the bumper..also where the e420's fog lights are...the e500's is the high beem..and its chrom not silver like the rest of the w124's....the interior is basickle the same besides the rear seat devider like the w124 coups... and the steering wheel is the same as an sl500...and also it has the ASR botton..the rear bumper is also different; it gets wider as it get closer to the 1/4 panels.. the side skirts are also different; they also get wider for the fenders and 1/4 panels...the e500 also has a sun shade in the rear window...these are some of the thing i could say off the top of my head for now..
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