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The only advantage to the MB one is that on the top of the MB tool housing, there are threaded holes with bolts threaded into them. There are also tapped holes (2) on the sides of the cup. If the filter tool for some reason slips on the filter, or say if you need to remove an aftermarket filter without any notches, just a smooth casing, the bolts are put into the holes in the side of the tool and tightened into the filter itself, to allow removal of the filter.
I've personally never used this feature, but thought others would be interested. The tool is kind of "clunky", and I dislike having to use a socket to attach my extension to it.
The BMW tool is very thin walled, but tough, never had a problem with it. It's thinner walled because on a "K" bike, the filter is actually IN the oil sump. A plate is removed and this filter tool put up in the access hole to get to the spin-on filter. The tool is of German origin, the manufacturer name is on the tool, along with the BMW tool number.
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