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Question 88 260E questions

I own a 1988 260E and I am about to do a lot of repair work on it and I have a few questions.

First off, the shifter is loose and rattles when the car is on. I heard something about shifter bushings so I ordered some today, but I have no clue how to go about putting these on.

Second, I made the mistake of pressing the odometer reset button while the car was in motion, so now it does not turn and rattles when the car is moving. The speedometer still works fine.u

Also, sometimes when starting off, the engine hesitates for a second, then decides to go.

The engine does not sound smooth when it runs and something under the hood makes a clicking sound. Is this normal?

I saw some "Euro" headlights for this car on eBay and those things aren't cheap! They are around $350. What's the difference? Are the worth it? Is there any place where I can get them cheaper? I would also like some clear corner lights if anyone knows where to get them. I also like the clear corner lights. I used to have some, but I hit a deer and the body shop put the orange ones back on. Anyone know where I can get them for a good price?

When opening and closing the doors, they stop half way and make a horrid sound. I know they just need oil somewhere, but where?

The automatic headrests on the front seats will go up but not down, and sometimes they get stuck in the down position.

The car is also starting to smoke a little. Any way to get rid of or cut down on this without replacing the seals?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated. I'm new to this forum, so let's see what happens!


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