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Originally Posted by adrianbenz View Post
I actually think the knocking/nailing noise is only noticeable after driving off when cold, and not when starting up. I actually have a lead foot since I like to hold the rpms above 3k before letting the transmission shift, but since the engine is nailing so bad, I've actually backed off on the throttle till the engine warms up where the nailing is almost non existent.

The engine sounds like marbles when I'm accelerating hard when cold, just seems like it might cause damage to the engine. It is cold here in Washington, that might be the reason for nailing since I did not notice it during the summer months? I wonder if the poor quality of fuel might be a factor as well since it is nailing so bad in the cold weather. Thanks for all the help and advice!
Mine behaves exactly the same. I just keep the lead foot off so that it nails a little. It clears up once she is warmed up.

I plan on servicing my injectors sometime in the future and I'm sure that will help it.
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