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me too

1. I got the same car but mine is a California model. Funny I got some of the same problems on my car; odometer, hesitate, smoke.
2. Look at your relay behind the battery side next to your ECU and ABS computer, it’s a small square 1 ½ X 1 ½ with a clear plastic cover on the top there is a fuse (the only Japanese type on this car) see if this is blown if yes replace, this should cured some of your problems.
3. For the door noise it’s a part, not sure what they call it “door stop”? but when you open the door it’s the thing that stops it from opening to fair. This is usually is a replacement not a lube thing. Picture in your head a vertical spring compress with 2 ball bearings one on top one bottom, this whole assembly slides horizontally on a rail with a notch for the ball to stop at (first stop position for the door). Sometimes this part goes from ware and tear. I saw these on ebay too.
4. The head rest sounds like the seat switch, I took mine out and clean out the contacts with an eraser. If you’re not that good at this kind of thing they got them on FastLane just click on top of this page.

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