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Don't we need our stinkin badges?

Ok, so why would you de-badge a Benz?
Is there some unwritten rule I'm not privy to?
On my 300E some bozo (imho) plated all the chrome stars and badge gold. I have since replaced with the proper silver stars. Seeing how I aint no pimp/drug dealer. And I'll tell you what. Looking at that silver star from behind the wheel puts an even bigger grin on my face and for some reason Gerta seems to perform so much better!
By the way one of my customers backed into my drivers side front fender. Nothing too serious but it did require paint. However I now have a bright white fender that does not quite match the rest of my 13 y/o paint. Any Ideas short of a complete paint job?
By the by the way my new Hella Euros and re-wire are absolutly increadible. When the sun goes down it is now time to drive!

Thanks again everyone for all your help.


1989 300E (150K)
1992 MR2 (wife)
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