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560SL Owners, Interest in Ceramic Pads


It would appear, the 560SL uses a very exclusive front brake pad. Used only on the 560SL front brakes between 1986 and 1989 and more than likely the European 107 variants of those years. Because of this no pad manufacture is willing to bite the bullet and produce Ceramic pads for this car. Or at least they havent got a big enough order from someone to set the production wheels in motion. This is too bad because not only are these superior in breaking but they produce the least amount of dust.

EBC was the only company that listed a ceramic part number (DP3681C) but when I tried to purchase them my order was canceled several times and I was just informed today buy an EBC rep that this part number would not be put into production due to lack of demand. So with nothing to loose, I asked the question what size order would get them to make a batch. Well I'm not going to disclose the answer but it was much more manageable than I expected. With that in mind I'm interested in knowing how many people are interested in a set of pads for the front of there 86 to 89 107's.

Since I waited so long and my breaks got down to the sensors I purchased a genuine MB pad set for $110.00 locally. I believe the EBC pads could be made available at under this cost and possibly under $100.00 making them competetive with the genuine MB and possibly inline with top of the line brands such as Textar.

I would like to know how much interest is there in these pads.

John Roncallo
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