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You will need to pull the panel off to fix your problem. This is very easy. There is a screw holding the panel at the arm rest, one inside the door release lever, and a chrome trim piece on the door jam with 2 screws. Remove all of them. The get the panel off, use a putty knife or small prybar. Stick it up between the panel and the door structure and carefully and slowly pry it away from the door. There are plastic clips along the bottom that hold it in place. Once the bottom is loose and flpooing around, grab the panel bottom at the rear of the door and begin top lift it straioght up. There are several metal pressure clips along the top of the window sill. They will release the top of the panel. On the back side of the panel, you should see the screw's that hold the map pocket in place. You should be able to come up with some solution as to how to fix it. I have no pic so I can't tell you what I would do.

An important note..........The plastic buttons that hold the bottom of the panel are 30 years old and you will probably break some of them. They are cheap and can be found at most auto parts stores for less than $3.00. I would advise buying some new ones and installing them. Again, very easy to do but the panel must be removed to do it. They are affixed to the panel and simply pop into place.

Hope this helps and good luck.
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