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I had my a/c rebuild late last summer. New York compressor, dryer, evaporator, one a/c hose rebuilt. Freon is full and system does not leak.

Temp from the vents is not very cold. On a really hot day here in Texas, the vent temp will get to the low 50s. It will cool lower, but it takes a very long time at highway speeds. Also my compressor almost never cycles. It stays on 95%+ of the time.

On the blower motor box there are 2 vacumn pots. One operates the fresh/recircluting air flap, and one that overrides the first that opens the flap to get about 20% fresh air even when max cooling is called for.

Why would you need to bring in outside air when max cooling is called for. Would it do any harm to disable the override pot so that the ONLY recirculated air is used. Maybe that would be colder.

Stephen C. Stierstorfer