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Shifter rattle -- yes, it's probably the bushings. If you look under the car, there's a rod that attaches to the left side of the transmission and goes back to the bottom end of the shift lever. There are clips at both ends to hold the rod in place. Release the clips, pull out the rod, put new busings on the levers the rod attaches to, replace the rod and the clips. Easier said than done because the new busings are a tight fit. Lube them well with silicone or something that won't cause rubber to deteriorate (oil, grease, etc. are no-nos) and use big pliers over sockets or something like that to get the new bushings in place.

Clicking sound -- not normal but it could be one of many things.

Euro headlights -- worth their weight in gold if you drive at night. Don't bother with higher wattage bulbs. $350 isn't a bad price but I've seen them for less.

Door noise -- try lubing the door check straps with white grease. The check straps are the metal straps that go in and out of the doors as you open and close the doors.

Smoke -- no way around it. Replacing valve stem seals is cheap and easy. Not a lot more difficult that adjusting valves on an older car. Certainly worth the investment in time and parts before coughing up $1000 or more for a valve job.

As ThaiGI says, use the search funciton. This has all been said and done before. I just wanted to give you a taste of what you're up against.

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