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R107 being rebuilt- need help naming parts, pls!

Hey, thanks for looking in here!

So, my story is that I ruined our '80 450 SL in October '07. The front part of the frame has been replaced (the part that holds the engine), I have bought a new radiator and a/c condensor, a new bumper, fenders and a hood. The car will be repainted next week. Since the car has been entirely taken apart, our mechanic also took the liberty to repair the several rust spots. The repairs are entirely in our mechanic's hand, and he's throwing parts at us, that we need to organize.

You need to know, it's an american SL, which we imported to Austria, which is why we're repairing it. The repairs will cost more than the car, but my dad doesn't want to admit defeat, plus, he likes its yellow color ^^.

Up to now, I was very successful at organizing new & used parts for our car. However, now he's suggesting we replace several rubber parts, which, admittedly, look pretty... old. However, he speaks German, and I need to buy the parts in the US, so there's a language barrier, and my lack of technical knowledge makes it really difficult for me to figure out, which parts he's speaking about. So I was hoping you guys could help me out:

I was lookin' here, but I'm not sure what goes where, can anyone help? click me

1.) I need the rubber seal along the two doors, it goes all around the door, it goes around the inside of the door. ( Weatherstripping/Moulding; Left Bottom of Door Seal # 1077200178 ??)

2.) I need a little rubber tube (it's got that accordeon thing going on) that protects the cables that go through the front of the doors.

3.) I need the felt thingies or whatever for the windows, I guess two per door, inside and out?

4.) I also need the decorative trim the go along the car, on and below the door. 388-097, 372-499, 369-417, this the trim?

5.) I need the rubber thing between the back of the car and the back bumper. # 388-687, is this it?

6.) I need the rubber seals along the windows, so between window & windshield, and window & soft top. ( I can find two of the three pieces, can't find the seal for the pillar, the windshield thingie)

7.) I need the rubber seal that runs along the soft top cabin, that seals the cabin... door and the cabin. ( Weatherstripping/Moulding; For Convertible Soft Top Case Cover # 1077580198 ??)

8.) And finally , I need a so-called "drier" (?). It cleans the air from the a/c condensor, it sits right next to the condensor. is this the thing? Will it fit? or one of these?

Thanks a bunch to anyone that wants to help me on this , I really appreciate it and know it's a load of work :S. Thanks!,


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