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Sorry to get back to an old issue... Bart thanks for your reply.

Are you sure about this: "You could jack the rear of the car up and spin one tire, if the other one doesnt spin then chances are you dont have a lsd."?

I've just done some reading and it seems that this is what a standard differential will do:

When the properller shaft is stantionary (ie, the transmission is in park), the crown wheel will not move either. If the crown wheel cannot rotate, nor can the differential cage. If the differential cage cannot rotate, the bevel pinions can only relate the left and right half-shafts leading to each other. So when one wheel is turned clockwise, the bevels do not move in an oribit (as they do when driving on a straight) but simply rotate, making the other wheel spin anticlockwise.

This ought to mean that in jacking the rear of the car up, spinning one wheel and seeing if the other spins, you are not testing for LSD but simply whether or not you have a standard differential. (Which I'm sure the w123 has!!!) But... mind you I'm new to this! Pleae let me know if my reasoning is skewed!


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