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Angry 86300e Lots Of Probs Plz Help!

OK I HAVE A 300E , JUST BOUGHT IT ABOUT 2 WEEKS AGO I GO TAKE IT IN TO GET BACK BRAKE PADS CHANGED AND ROTATE THE TIRES AND THEY END UP SAYING I HAVE 5,000 WORTH OF CRAP AND ITS NOT EVEN WORTH FIXING? ,.... THAT IS REALLY wow caps lol , anyways that is making me really pissed off b/c i 'm loving the inside and outside is in perfect condition. It makes a rattle when the engine is going and the guy said its the camshaft?? it this possible and alot a hissing noise all around the car and he said its probably the fuel pump? is that aslo possible or hard to fix , the cam shaft would be a huge amount of many and labor. if it there is something wrong with it i'm probably screwed right? , also , i can't start the car when its sitting more than 1 hour i have to pump it alittle gas 3 to 4 times to get it going it almost stalls anyway that can be fixed or is that normal, once its going and its like 30 mins before i restart it i dont even need to touch the gas it starts perfect but if its sitting for 1 hour or 2 it will have to be pumped and makes a hugly noise anyone have any idea's? , thx-
johnp and also if you leave a AIM or icq # so we can talk 1to1 that would help alot two thx.
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