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Originally Posted by ForcedInduction View Post
Troll all you want and ignore the proven tests then. You're on your closed-minded own, nothing will crack such a thick skull.

Beyond the fact that K&N passes more dirt, it will have ZERO hp gain on the OM61x and OM60x engines. They are completely mechanical and will not gain power from increased airflow. The stock air filter setups for both the OM61x and OM60x flow very well and are not a restriction.
I guess I’m just “thick skulled” enough not to rely on the opinion of a twenty two year old know it all with no professional mechanical credentials at all.

This thread started as a request for information on how to clean a K&N filter and you pipe up with such unsupported words of wisdom like “you might as well not use an air filter at all”.

I asked for information from anyone who has seen internal engine damage caused by using K&N filters and you post that flow chart that has been seen here many times. Unless you saw or participated in that test, you can’t hold that out as first hand information.

But I believe that chart. I believe that K&N filters don’t filter as well as some others but in all my years as a certified master engine machinist I have never seen or heard of internal engine damage caused by using a K&N filter, even in some of the worst conditions of dust, sand, and dirty city air. I have not seen any increase in fuel economy or power... someone else must have made those claims.

This is a great forum here. There are more certified master mechanics here than any other place I know about. Some of us are also certified master engine machinists in both gas and diesel engines. I believe that all the moderators here are certified masters with a great deal of knowledge from their own first hand experience. We also have a large number of members that work in other industries or are retired with experience on their cars and a lot of common sense. Then we have you “posting Queens” that only parrot what they have read somewhere and want the forum members to believe that you are some kind of expert.

Wouldn’t you be happier over on BenzWorld with 240Joe? Too many people here that will call your bluff.

In a car that doesn’t have a hot wire MAF, the K&N’s seem to be adequate.
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