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ty for the welcome i feel right @ home, anyways the car has 141,000 miles , so its got alot but the guy said that he put in about 5,000 worth of stuff on it , he said that the head cam or something blew out and they had to replace a new one. So the engine (cam head or wutever) is in good shape i hope , anways there is also a small tranny leak , which worries me the most , i hear it is common , and all ihave to do is refill it once in a while , but its a mess on the garage floor and makes me nervous on how the car was manged and its condition. i'm new @ this stuff and willing to learn , so do you guys really think the rattlening noise could be the camshaft , i was thinking the fan/raditor or something it is a constent noise even in park.

aslo any ideas on the cold starting, its really pissing me off and it doesn't feel right to pump the gass everytime i leave the car for 1hour and everyone thinks ohhh look @ that peace of junk that hardly even starts if you know what i mean , hehe , well thx for the help open and ready to learn
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