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Wink What is the Air Screw Best Position w107

Hi all- Thanks for all the help-as I have needed alot. I have 2 questions please (thank you in advance for your help)

1. On the front of the engine where the air flow thing is at, there is a dime sized screw. I have been having terrible gas mileage, and someone said that could be a reason. I loosened it and the revs came up, and the car seemed to breath cleaner and better. It that a good way to set that? Or is there a procedure. I noticed on a 5 mile drive the gas consumption did not act as badly as it has been.

2. I asked earlier about baking in my 107, and someone said to close the heater at the drivers side firewall. It was open and I closed it with a small wire (only temporary-I promise) and wanted to know it that the correct setting for the heater to be shut off?


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