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It's pretty easy.
There is a big aluminum "collar" or seal cover that the seal presses into.
This "collar" (I forget the real name) can be unbolted and removed, then the seal can easily be pressed out and a new one installed. Sliding the new seal with the collar attached back over the end of the crankshaft can be delicate, but just oil it up well and take your time.
1. Unbolt the collar, including the two bolts that come up from the bottom.
2. gently work the collar loose, try not to damage the oil pan gasket along the bottom edge. Or you can pull the pan and replace the gasket if you have the engine out).
3. Clean up the mating surface of the collar, replace the oil seal.
4. Carefully clean the engine mounting surface, especially along the oil pan gasket.
5. Apply plenty of gasket sealer, oil the seal surface and work the seal/collar into place.
6 Install and tighten the two bottom bolts first (10NM).
then tighten the horizontal bolts (10NM).

Keep it clean and don't tear the seal lip.

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