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Originally Posted by P.E.Haiges View Post

Comparing the 1958 220S to American cars of that time, the MB styling is light years behind. Lsst time American cars used a verticle grill was about 1938.

Just in case. The G49 Battery I was talking about is used in my 300D. The 58 has an AutoZone battery too, but it is out and in the basement during the winter. The diesel isn't being used much anymore as diesel is 3.75 now and my gassers are cheaper to run. The diesel goes back to full commute work in April, 700 miles a week. Going to search around for B100 in my area. Just not enough free time to fiddle with cooking up my own.
And Yup, the 58 really is better than the old 58 US cars, but I still wouldn't mind having a nice 58 Impala :-)
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