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You'll need to remove the steering wheel to get it out. Disconnect battery, remove the 2 torx screws from the back of the wheel, lift off and unplug the airbag, then undo the big screw in the center, after first marking the position of the wheel on the spline. Take off the plastic trim piece, 3 small screws. You'll probably want to do a search on steering wheel nut removal first too. Lots of info on how to get this out if stuck.
Next, do a search on how to pull the cluster. It's a friction fit in the dash opening. You can make up 2 hooks from stiff wire and pull it out, or remove the knee bolster, reach up behind and push it out. Be very careful of the cruise control stalk.
Here's a how-to on removing that bolster.. Now this is just plain dumb! 560SL knee bolster
Once the cluster is out, remove the screws holding the speedometer in place and de-bug....
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