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This is one of the well argued points of oil talks. How much more milage can you get out of synthetic. From a lubrication standpoint sythetics will hold thier lubracating abilities much longer than petro based oils will. So from this point it may be possible to get an extra few miles out of it. I used to do a change with petro oil at 3000 but now do a filter at 3000 and the oil at 6000. Since the factory recommends changing petro at 7500 anyways I think I stilll have a good margin of safety. And since we are on the topic you said you were using Mobile one which is good but as a general warning do not touch Castrol Syntec. Where as Mobile one is a Class 2 Castrol is a Class3 and has been argued to whether it can actually be held as a viable sythetic at all because of its use of oil-byproducts known as waxes. The Redline stuff is the best but also $$ being around 9.00 a bottle however my friend with a BMW(standard) uses Redline Tranny fluid and now swears by it.
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