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Originally Posted by donbryce View Post
Not knowing what you skill level is, and assuming that you would rather DIY than throw $ at the problem, it wouldn't be much to remove the unit and inspect it for either lack of lubrication and/or a crack in some part of the pressed steel assembly.
If there is a break, it wouldn't be very hard to straighten it out and MIG weld it back together. If the cast part is cracked, however, it's probably toast, but the weak link is definately the thin pressed steel bracket.
I've repaired several window mechanisms this way and have never had the part fail again where it cracked the first time. The older door checks were made of stiffer, ie. thicker, metal and didn't fail as readily.

I have the same door pop on my 1985 380SL - I believe the picture you sent is the correct door check for my car. I would rather do it myself than pay some one. Any helpful hints you could provide on how to do this would be appreciated.
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