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wow, so many reply's i'm loving it. First off Thank you all so much for your advice and i will keep it all in mind. Like i said i'm really new @ cars in genral and dont really know that much about the enigine ect. My uncle is coming to town in a month or two and he knows alot being a proud owner of a 190e 87, so hopefully we can diag. the noise problems. The guy really scared use saying the camshaft blah blah could break down and there goes your car. made me picture me on the side of the road with a towtruck
i guess i can't really do any of this on my own right now and i really really want to . i want to check the spark plugs and vaccum lines / wires and what not. but i dont even know how to check the spark plugs thats how noob i am well , ill try to read up on cars online and ask my uncle questions and read him the stuff you guys posted. i thank you for all your help , and if i have any more questions ill sure will ask them. i will keep you in touch on what we are doing to this bad boy 300e thank you all
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