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Originally Posted by ctaylor738 View Post
Where you go from here is to check system pressure and control pressure and see if you are getting fuel, like I spent a fair amount of time explaining to you a few days ago. Whether or not you have enough time is irrelevant to finding out what the real problem is.

The idle air screw does not affect the lean the mixture. If you screw it out, it increases the amount of air at idle, which in turn increases the amount of fuel, which in turn raises the idle speed.
I appreciate the effort in explaining how to get pressure readings. I was going to do pressure testing but my wife got real sick and I had to leave where car is in WV and return to VA where my wife is. She doesn't even know I own the car so it's kinda hard to explain I have to run a few pressure test before I can leave. I haven't desided if I will be up in WV this weekend yet but seeing how only occasionally I work on car I was trying to find out other areas to investigate if the fuel systems pressures checkout find.

I am just baffled why before when I first got car I could pour gas into the airflow meter and car would run like a banji. This was with a completely clogged fuel system and a bad fuel pump. It just seems to me I should be able to recreate the engine running with just fuel poured in like before.
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