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The noise that the engine makes, is it a constant "tick tick tick tick" that get faster with engine rpm?

i think gillybenztech said this , yes i just tried it out and it is when i put the petal to the metal it makes a faster ticking noise. the hissing is all around the car front back sides ect.

i just hope nothing to seriouse happends to it , the guy said that the alinegment or something for the steerning wheel / shock for the wheel whatever that is off. i havn't noticed anything execpt the steering wheel when going pefectly straight is not. for example the mercedes-benz symbol the top spike is not @ 12 o'clock it is more like 10 . its just sorta annoying ;/ but i hope nothing seriously wrong witht he steerning by the way , Gillybenztech , you are from madison? do you happen to work for
Brooklin, or Brookline motors in madison wi?? if so thats where the guy i bought my car from went ALL THE TIME to get stuff done. maybe you know him or my car thx.
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