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As it says at the bottom of all of my posts, I work in Madison. I know of the place you mention, Brooklyn Motor Works in Brooklyn, WI. I hear they do alot of high end restoration work for people all over the country. I live very close to Brooklyn, WI.

As has been posted before, we should probably have a plan of attack on your problems. Set your priorities and tackle them one at a time. It's OK to lay out all your problems at once to us, but don't expect all the problems to get fixed in short order, it will take time, and we have the time for you, don't worry we're not going anywhere.

On the noise which has been described as either a fuel pump or a vacuum leak, try to pin down the location. The fuel pump is located under the car near the right rear wheel, would you say it is possibly loudest near that area, or does it seem to be from the engine itself?

The ticking noise needs to be diagnosed, i wouldn't agree that it's a bad camshaft unless it were inspected and found to be galled or otherwice severely worn, and this is uncommon unless there is a problem with the oiling tube above the camshaft, but again unless it were inspected (valve cover removed at least) you wouldn't know this. Speculation will only get you so far, eventually someone is going to have to start diagnosing the problems.
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