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More fluid line questions

Okay, so about half of my fluid connections ended up working relatively according to plan, and the others didn't at all, so I have some more questions...and FYI this is an m117 into w201 swap, so chassis side stuff is 201, where motor side connections are 117 specific

1) Is there any need to retain the little small coil on the high pressure line from the pwr steering pump (the one right next to the steering gearbox), or is that just for geometry so that the line will clear the wider I6 motor?

2) What kind of flare fittings are those on the chassis side of the fuel lines? They are 14 mm but my AN adapters won't fit over the flange part and the threaded part is way to long. Anyone know of a second type of adapter that could adapt the flare fitting back to standard metric thread, from which I could then use my AN metric adapters?

Thanks guys!
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