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* I guess we're talking about a W110 or W111 here. As others have pointed out, rust should very definitely your be your preeminent concern. Pay a shop to put it on the lift so that you can check it underneath. If it's been repainted, question why. Any service records, body shop records would be nice. This is the kind of deal where you could get the car for free and still spend $5k too much.
* Back in '66, as you probably well know, cars had grease fittings and got "lubed" as part of the routine maintenance. I think the W110 had 14 grease fittings, from the king-pin front end to the swing rear-axle. Look for dry components which haven't seen fresh grease in a while. Just for grins ask the dealer what it would cost to rebuild that old king-pin/trunnion front end. Don't forget to sit down first.
* Of course you realize that even a perfect W110 doesn't have any business in today's highway traffic. You're likely to end up in a line of traffic going 70mph, with no place to slow down or retire to. This is what obsolete technology means. Your engine will be screaming and your brakes and steering won't be able to handle any dramatic changes. So you're spending your money to drive to the local grocery on nice days. That's ok if it's what you're looking for. But if not, it's not a good surprise.
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