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I would definitely be very uneasy about a car with only 38k miles and no service records or booklet. Lets say a car with over 100,000 miles and various owners might have lost track of it service history, but with only 38k??? Very doubtful. So, be very very very careful.

MBs tend to cover high mileage very well, especially highway miles. There are little details that people who turn back odomoters tend to forget:

1/ Check the brake and accelator pedals. The wear on their rubber covers should be MINIMUN.

2/ Check springs on both seats, are they firm? If not, then....

3/ Check all rubber materials (window seals, engine compartment lateral seals, all gaskets. Even though is an old car, with only 38k they should look fairly OK.

4/ Check the drivers seat upholstery. It should show minimun wear. A heavily worned side left side backrest bolster shows high mileage.

5/ Although, again, Benzes tend to hide this advice but check turn signal stalk, all switches at A/C and dashboard. All should work properly and without any obvious fade on their covers (for example: the white triangle on the hazzard switch is perfect or faded?).

6/ Also check springs, with 38k the car should still carry the original factory set.

7/ All windows should open and close smoothly and noiseless.
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