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Originally posted by M.B.DOC
There should be a large red wire (+ positive) at that plug that comes from the blower fuse. Also a large black wire that is ground.
The smaller yellow wire is the control voltage from the A/C pushbutton.
IF you measure voltages between the yellow & black wires then you will have from 1V to 6V, depending which blower button is selected.
IF you check the voltage between the red & black then you should have battery voltage.
All with the connecter pluged in of course.
Ok Doc, I think I'm almost there. When I measure the voltage between the black and the yellow wires I do indeed get different values between 1 and 6 volts. Would this indicate that all is well in the control panel and that I should go directly to the blower motor to replace it? Or could the regulator still be at fault? Thanks in advance.
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