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Thanks for your reply Corky.

I want to make sure I understand. My 1996 S500 has been relatively trouble free (not as much as I would like though), BUT my 1992 500SEL was NOT trouble free, and incurred OVER $20,000 of warranty repairs before the car had 35,000 miles. All I could think about at the time, was what if this car was out of warranty?

Are the 129 models from 1990 to 1992 more relaible than the 1992-1994 S-Class Sedans? Mind you I bought my 1992 500SEL new and pampered it (I guess you could say it was in as good a shape & as "well choosen" as one, can get a "high tech" Mercedes), yet it almost turned me off of Mercedes completely.

I kicked myself the whole time I owned it for not buying the Lexus LS400 for 40 grand less (though less exciting)that I looked at the day before.

If the early 129's are more reliable, why is that? Also, are the 6cyl's more/less/same reliable/trouble free as the V8 versions?

Thanks Again.